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The 'Fear Factor' in Indian elections

The 'Fear Factor' in Indian elections

How do you win an election? You take up an issue and scare the people so much that they run away from the Opposition.

Whether there’s any truth in the allegations or not is altogether an entirely different issue for elections are usually won based on perception and emotions and seldom on data or facts.

Against this backdrop, let’s take a look at some of the fear-mongering resorted to by various political parties, what we call the ‘knockout punch’.

BJP: If Congress comes to power, they will take away the wealth of Hindus and redistribute it among Muslims.

Congress: If BJP comes to power, they will abolish reservations.

TDP: If YSRCP comes to power again, they will usurp all your lands according to the ‘Land Titling’ Act.

YSRCP: If TDP comes to power, they will end the ‘Direct Benefit Transfer’ schemes.

BRS: If BRS does not win, then we shall lose Hyderabad as BJP will make it a Union Territory.

DMK: Voting for BJP means voting for Brahmanism! Hindi and North Indian culture will be imposed on us.


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