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Nithin Sings To Donald Trump's Tune

Nithin Sings To Donald Trump's Tune

Union Minister Nithin Gadkari has given a shocking statement today in tune with that of Donald Trump.

We know that Donald Trump has been reiterating that the coronavirus is mad made. He loves to believe that and wishes to make the world believe in that.

Of course, it is quite difficult to know the truth as China is not open to media and other international systems like rest of the world. 

Gadkari said that the coronavirus is not natural but a mere artificial virus from a lab.

He added, "This is unexpected because this is virus from laboratory, this is not natural virus, so the world is now prepared, India is now prepared, scientists are prepared. After taking a virus there will be no problem". 

So is he hinting to believe in the conspiracy theory that China has made it deliberately to collapse the entire world.

May be true, because to propel the idea of Vocal For Local, the spirit of anti China may play a vital role. The majority of day to day things Indians buy is from China. So to put a full stop to that, Indians should be psyched up to shun Chinese goods and buy Indian made things. 

Well, the conspiracy theory is being believed by millions of people world wide. But this sounds to be the first time that a Union Minister has stated this as true. 

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