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YCP vs TDP: Latest Estimates On Seats to be Won

YCP vs TDP: Latest Estimates On Seats to be Won

The seats to be won between YCP and Alliance are currently being discussed across the state. Various surveys offer different estimates on who is going to win.

TDP leaders and activists are contacting their acquaintances and gathering data, causing anxiety within the party. 

With the exception of one or two candidates from Janasena, all other parties have announced their candidates.

The selection of candidates for the alliance has stirred controversy across the state. TDP is aspiring for power leading the alliance and the latest reports find its leaders and workers deeply concerned about the upcoming results.

Trouble has brewed within the TDP as the favorable conditions of two months ago have dissipated. 

From Srikakulam to Ananthapuram situation is frightening for TDP.  TDP ranks are panicking, sensing a potential restriction in opposition once again. Against this backdrop, TDP workers and leaders from Rayalaseema, Uttarandhra, Godavari districts, Krishna, and Guntur districts are reaching out to their acquaintances to assess the situation.

YCP holds a strong position in Rayalaseema. TDP leaders acknowledge that YCP may lose seats in Rayalaseema due to anti-government sentiment and other factors. Leaders from TDP in that area are suggesting that YCP might be winning not less than 35 seats. 

When they are calling their acquaintances all that they come to know is- In Nellore YCP is projected to win 7 seats, TDP 3; in Prakasam, both YCP and TDP are expected to secure 6 seats each; in the combined Krishna district, YCP may win 7 seats, Alliance 9; Guntur, YCP is anticipated to secure 7 seats, Kutami 10; in both Godavari districts, YCP is predicted to win 15 out of 34 seats, with 14 for the alliance, and five seats being fiercely contested.

When it comes to Uttarandhra, there is a consensus that YCP is performing well in Vijayanagaram, although it is projected to lose two seats. It is estimated by TDP groups that YCP will secure 16 assembly seats and Alliance 18 seats in Uttarandhra, out of total 34 seats. 

Even leaders within the YCP are asserting their advantage particularly up to Nellore. According to these calculations, YCP is expected to secure 35 seats in Rayalaseema, 7 in Nellore, 6 in Prakasam, 7 in Krishna, 7 in Guntur, 15 in both the Godavari district, and 16 in Uttarandhra, totaling 93 seats. Additionally, there are five more places in both Godavari districts expected to be contested fiercely. 

Let's calculate the number of seats TDP will secure as per these estimates. 17 seats in Rayalaseema, 14 in both the Godavari districts, 18 in Uttarandhra, 10 in Guntur, 9 in Krishna, 3 in Nellore, and 6 in Prakasam, totaling 77 seats. Let's generously allocate five seats in both Godavari districts, which are expected to be fiercely contested, to the Alliance. Even then the number of seats won by the Alliance will be only 82.

Even if YCP's seat count is reduced to the minimum, it still exceeds the magic figure required for power. These figures are causing anxiety within the Alliance, especially among TDP leaders.


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