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Who is performing how in Andhra assembly?

Who is performing how in Andhra assembly?

The ongoing budget session of Andhra Pradesh assembly has given an excellent opportunity for the newly-elected MLAs to exhibit their skills as orators, knowledge in subjects and ability to represent the issues of their constituency in the assembly.

It is nothing but natural that the ruling party members, by virtue of their strength in the assembly, try to bulldoze the proceedings, while the opposition party members try to corner the government on various issues.

A broad assessment of the performance of the MLAs and ministers in the ongoing assembly has revealed that not many of them had used the opportunity.

While some ministers and MLAs proved their worth, others, especially new comers, are not behaving in a dignified way, but are displaying overenthusiasm.

For example, among the ministers, finance minister Buggana Rajendranath turned out to be a big asset for the party.

He not only presented the ruling party version in an excellent manner, but also attacked the opposition in a dignified manner.

On the other hand, the worst performer of the cabinet was irrigation minister Anil Kumar, whose loose tongue and aggressive posture did not get appreciation from to the people.

Even senior ministers like Botsa Satyanarayana and Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, despite having huge experience, could not behave properly in the House in their eagerness to run down the opposition.

Among the ruling party MLAs, Ambati Rambabu and G Srikanth Reddy spoke in a decent manner and of course and stuck to their subjects, while many other MLAs whoever got an opportunity to speak could not prove their worth.

As regards the TDP, too, the performance of the MLAs is far from satisfactory.

While Payyavula Kesav and Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary appeared decent in their behaviour, others like K Atchen Naidu and Nimmala Rama Naidu turned out to be irritants.



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