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What RK publishes today, Raju says tomorrow

What RK publishes today, Raju says tomorrow

For the last two years, Telugu Desam Party has been adopting a particular strategy to run down the YSR Congress party government in Andhra Pradesh led by chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The strategy is that the TDP obtains certain information from its moles in the administration about any decisions of the Jagan government that have the potential to trigger controversies or could be used to attack the government.

The information along with documents, if any, would be passed to the pro-TDP media like Eenadu or Andhra Jyothy, which would publish them as banner stories. The next day, TDP leaders pick up the same information and address press conferences criticising the government.

Whether it was the financial position of the state or changes in the liquor policy, it was the TDP which passed on the info to Andhra Jyothy or Eenadu and after they published the reports, the party used the same to attack the Jagan government.

Now, the same strategy is being adopted by rebel YSR Congress party MP from Narasapuram Kanumuru Raghurama Krishnam Raju, who has been targeting the Jagan government day in and day out, which is promptly being highlighted by the pro-TDP media.

Sitting in New Delhi, Raju gets access to vital information with regard to the Jagan government. He quietly passes the information to his pro-TDP media friends and after the reports are published, he attacks the Jagan government and writes letters to the Delhi bosses seeking action.

On Saturday, Andhra Jyothy carried a report that Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had appointed senior advocate P Subhash as the CBI standing counsel to argue the cases in the Telugu states. The report said Subhah has already been arguing cases in favour of Jagan Mohan Reddy in the alleged quid pro quo cases.

Needless to say, the information about the appointment of Jagan’s lawyer Subhash as the CBI standing counsel was leaked to Andhra Jyothy by Raghurama Raju himself, obviously to create an embarrassment to the Jagan government and the CBI.

Based on the report, Raghurama Krishnam Raju told reporters in New Delhi that he had written a letter to CBI director questioning he appointment of Subhash as the standing counsel, despite he being the lawyer of Jagan, who himself is facing the CBI cases.

Demanding that Subhash be stripped of the post in the CBI standing counsel, the rebel YSRC MP wondered how Subhash could do justice to the duty, when he had already acted as a lawyer of Jagan who was facing the CBI cases.

He pointed out that the CBI has already been probing high profile cases like murder of Jagan’s uncle Y S Vivekananda Reddy, suspicious death of a doctor Sudhakar in Visakhapatnam and the alleged abuse of judges and judiciary by the YSRC leaders.

“Under these circumstances, appointment of a pro-YSRC lawyer as the CBI standing counsel will lead to the doubts among the people over the credibility of the investigating agency,” he said and demanded that Subhash be removed from the post for a transparent and impartial investigations by the CBI into various cases involving Jagan and YSRC leaders.


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