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Voting Day: Mass Exodus to AP to Collect Money

Voting Day: Mass Exodus to AP to Collect Money

Tomorrow marks the voting day in Andhra Pradesh for both Assembly and Parliament seats.

There has been a significant movement from Hyderabad to towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh since yesterday. Special buses were also arranged to constituencies like Pithapuram.

When inquired about the reason for the sudden influx of people to their respective constituencies two days before the election, it was revealed that they are primarily focused on collecting money from both parties first.

It's alarming to note that the minimum price for a vote, even in remote constituencies, ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 12000, depending on the candidates' financial resources and the voters' expectations.

No party is refraining from distributing money, and they are fiercely competing for voters' support.

It has come to light that a candidate is distributing Rs 3000 along with a saree worth Rs 1000 and a 'mukku puduka' for female voters. Meanwhile, the opposite candidate in the same constituency is distributing Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per vote.

In another constituency, a candidate is distributing Rs 10,000 per household regardless of the number of votes within the family, while in yet another constituency, a candidate is offering Rs 5000 per vote.

Overall, money is flowing abundantly across the entire state. To collect money, voters have moved to their towns and cities two days prior to the voting day itself.


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