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Shared Delusion Between The Two News Dailies

Shared Delusion Between The Two News Dailies

"Shared delusion" is the new term that has become popular ever since the Madanapalle twin murder incident.

Now the phenomenon is observed between the two news papers those live in a delusion of love for a particular political party. 

The headlines imply that the unconstitutional activities are happening at Panchayat elections in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

But the truth is that the High Court has mentioned clearly that the action can be taken by the SEC if the allegations made by the petitioners prove to be true. At the same time the Court has also said that it is not going to probe into this issue. 

Objecting the unanimous election in Punganur and Macharla, the TDP filed a petition in High Court. Despite the clear response by the Court, the two news dailies are writing that something unconstitutional is happening.

There is nothing wrong in writing when there is something wrong. But the dailies seem to be in the mood of putting government in bad light. Or else, both the dailies must be suffering from shared delusion and imagining things as per their convenience.

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