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Jagan-KCR friendship aimed to bury Amaravathi: ABN

Jagan-KCR friendship aimed to bury Amaravathi: ABN

ABN-Andhra Jyothi group owner Vemuri Radhakrishna has come up with a 'new theory' on why KCR and Jagan joined hands for AP Assembly polls.

In his weekly column "kotha paluku" (which KCR says 'chetha paluku') published in Andhra Jyothy every Sunday, Radhakrishna says KCR and Jagan are worried over Chandrababu getting international fame if Amaravathi is completed.

They fear if Naidu comes to power again, he will complete construction of world-class Amaravathi city and to obstruct this both leaders want Naidu to be defeated at any cost.

Poor Radhakrishna also expressed concern over the fate and future of Hyderabad, if Amaravathi is completed.

Radhakrishna says no one will prefer Hyderabad and move their base to world-class Amaravathi, if Naidu retains power for second term.

Radhakrishna also says that KCR and Jagan, in their bid to oust Naidu were damaging Hyderabad 'brand image' by threatening Andhra people residing in Hyderabad, especially those owning assets, businesses, industries in Hyderabad, to support YSRCP and not TDP.

Radhakrishna also predicted 'victory' for TDP in AP Assembly polls on account of Jagan-KCR friendship saying that this ignited "Andhra sentiment' among AP voters, who want to teach a fitting lesson to YSRCP for joining hands with 'anti-Andhra party' TRS to defeat TDP.

Radhakrishna says KCR fears that if Naidu comes to power again, he will complete Amaravathi capital city construction, due to which Hyderabad will lose its significance and also Naidu will make AP No.1 state in the country.

Radhakrishna opines KCR does not want Naidu to develop Amaravathi and AP and for that reason he chose a leader like Jagan in AP who will follow his orders and block AP growth.

Radhakrishna concludes saying that Jagan is facing several cases which has roots in Telangana  and KCR believes that he can easily 'control' Jagan through these cases and make Jagan to rule AP as per his directions.

Radhakrishna who claims himself to be a '40 year industry' in media field and writes in a 'daring and impartial manner' has come out with an 'yellow article' to carry vicious campaign on Telangana, Hyderabad, KCR and Jagan based on his 'assumptions and fictions'.

Few reputed and senior journalists, who are shocked at 'shameless editorials' of Radhakrishna, advice him that it would be better if Radhakrishna changes the name of his ABN group to CBN group.



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