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Jagan is Better Than Chandrababu and KCR: Radha Krishna

Jagan is Better Than Chandrababu and KCR: Radha Krishna

One has to agree to the fact that Radha Krishna's 'Kothapaluku' is one of the widely read political comment in Andhrajyothi.

His detractors say that it is 'Chetta Paluku' and RK became infamous because of the same weekly comment.

As usual, RK came up with his mark political masala this week.

He started off his comment on the behavior of two CMs of Telugu states and their response towards the Corona crisis.

He said that the opposition parties became weaker in the states. He has drawn a comparison between the CMs of Telugu states. 

He said that When KCR and Chandrababu were CMs of their respective states in the previous regime, people used to think that KCR's workstyle is better than Chandrababu's workstyle.

He went on to say that the scene got reversed now and the people are thinking that Jagan's workstyle is better than his Telangana counterpart KCR. He clarified that it is just limited to the handling of corona crisis but in other aspects as well. 

Though RK went on to criticize Jagan in his Kothapaluku as usual in other paragraphs, this comparison has grabbed the attention of the netizens.

A netizen commented that the Kothapaluku comparison reminded him of logical reasoning in Mathematics that he studied for competitive examinations during his youth.

He said "If a is equal to b and b is equal to c, then a is equal to c. If we apply similar analogy,  A is better than B and B is better than C then A will automatically becomes better than C.  KCR is better than AP M Chandrababu in the previous term According to Radha Krishna. Now, Jagan is better than KCR. With the basic logical reasoning, Jagan is better than Chandrababu".

By comparing as per his whims and fancies, he forgot that he is actually degrading Chandrababu Naidu and appreciating Jagan Mohan Reddy.


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