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Jagan contributing to growth of Hyd, not Amaravathi!

Jagan contributing to growth of Hyd, not Amaravathi!

Whatever may be the reasons for Jagan acting tough against previous TDP government in Andhra Pradesh, but Jagan's moves and decisions for the past one month since he became CM are only contributing to further growth of Hyderabad, not Amaravathi.

If this opinion is expressed by TDP leaders or yellow media, no one cares. But this opinion is expressed by none other than TRS leaders in Telangana.

TRS leaders in their internal discussions are debating heavily on Jagan's moves as CM.

In their discussions, the most debatable things are Jagan cancelling direct flight from Vijayawada to Singapore, Jagan ordering probes on Amaravathi and Jagan stopping all construction works in Amaravathi, which were only contributing to growth of Hyderabad.

All these are the initiatives of previous AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu.

Leaving aside the pros and cons of Naidu's initiatives, they brought 'global image' to AP's new capital Amaravathi city besides creating realty boom in capital region.

Jagan's moves as CM has put the future of Amaravthi at stake.

With this, investors are looking at Hyderabad to make investments until Jagan gives a clarity on Amaravathi.

Land and housing prices in Amaravathi crashed and according to TRS leaders this triggered demand in Hyderabad as investors from Seemandhra are purchasing lands, flats and villas in Hyderabad.

The cancellation of only international flight from Vijayawada has sent signals that Amaravathi lost a chance to emerge as a global city in near future and can never compete with Hyderabad.

If Jagan wants to settle political scores with Chandrababu, there are different ways and means for it.

But damaging "Brand Amaravathi" will mitigate the chances of building a world class capital city in Andhra Pradesh forever as no investor would prefer to come to a place where politics matter the most than development.

Whether it's good or bad, Amaravathi got recognition worldwide as the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan should try to rectify the deficiencies if any in the designs and plans of capital city but should not damage the brand name of Amaravathi itself as it will cause irreparable loss to AP.

If this happens, Naidu or TDP leaders have nothing to lose personally but AP state and AP people will be deprived of a capital city for a long period.


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