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Jagan asks YSRCP cadres to go for clean sweep

Jagan asks YSRCP cadres to go for clean sweep

Intensifying the campaign for forthcoming elections, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy on Sunday called upon the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) cadres to work hard for a clean sweep in the forthcoming elections.

Addressing 'Siddham' public meeting of party cadre at Raptadu in Anantapur district, he called upon the cadres not to forget that their target is 175 assembly seats and 25 Lok Sabha seats, adding the cadres should work hard in the next two months to thwart the evil designs of the TDP and its friendly media by posting another historic win.

The Chief Minister described the forthcoming elections as the battle between locals led by YSRCP and non-resident Andhras led by TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu and his 'foster son'.

The meeting was attended by lakhs of YSRCP activists from 52

Assembly constituencies of four districts of Rayalaseema.

After fulfilling 99 per cent of the election promises, there is no question of falling below the target, he said, pointing out that the forthcoming elections are very important for the people of the state. On behalf of the poor, YSRCP is waging a war with feudalistic forces led by Naidu, his foster son and their friendly media, he said, adding that it is certain that the TDP will disappear after the elections as YSRCP is poised to achieve its target.

The Chief Minister asked them to become his star campaigners and also turn the people into star campaigners by creating awareness among the farmers, women and other sections of society on the need to continue the welfare schemes by voting YSRCP to power.

He asked the party cadres to remind people that 'fan' (YSRCP's poll symbol) should always be kept in the house while the 'cycle' (TDP's symbol) and 'tea glass' (Jana Sena's symbol) should be kept out of the House and in the sink, respectively.

It is not just about electing the MLAs and MPs but the battle is about defeating the feudalistic forces led by TDP and its allies, he said adding that a vote for the opposition would result in the loss of welfare schemes.

Despite working for 14 years as Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu cannot speak of single welfare scheme that benefited people while the Jagan mark is tangible in every house and village from Kuppam to Ichapuram in education, health and medical and educational sectors, he said.

If the TDP thinks YSRCP has not done any good to the people, why Chandrababu Naidu is hankering after alliances to push the 'cycle' ahead, he asked, adding that Naidu is seeking the direct and indirect support of other regional and national parties for political survival.

Stating that he had clicked the button 125 times to disburse a whopping Rs 2,55,000 crore through DBT for welfare schemes for the sake of the people, the Chief Minister asked the cadres to tell people to press two buttons for the YSRCP, one for the Assembly and the other for the Lok Sabha in the ensuing elections.

The Chief Minister asked the people to choose between Jagan who has stood by the election manifesto in letter and spirit and fulfilled 99 per cent of the promises and Chandrababu Naidu who took every section of society for a ride throwing manifesto into dustbin after the 2014 elections.

He further observed that the ensuing elections is a war between YSRCP's credibility and TDP's deception and called upon the people to be wary that a vote for the TDP and its allies would distance them from the fruits of social justice.


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