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Heavy turnout of voters in AP: Who'll gain?

Heavy turnout of voters in AP: Who'll gain?

The polling for the assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh held on Monday witnessed an unprecedented turnout of voters at the polling stations, leading to an intense debate what it would mean for various political parties.

It was expected that the voters’ turnout in the state this time could be less compared to the 2019 elections due to intense heatwaves and abnormal temperatures this summer.

The general prediction was that the rural voters would turn up in big numbers in the early hours – between 7 am and 11 am, so that they could go back to their agriculture operations.

The urban voters, who are generally expected to be laid back in their attitude would come to the polling station late and their poll percentage would be lesser than the rural voting.

But, contrary to all these expectations, the voters thronged the polling station at all polling stations both in urban and rural areas.

This could be because the climatic conditions were much better due to rainfall overnight in many parts of the state and the temperatures cooled down to a large extent.

According to Election Commission reports, the average polling percentage across the state by 5 pm was nearly 65% and by the end of closure of polling which might go up till late hours, the polling might even touch 85%.

Now, the question is which party will get the benefit from this huge turnout of voters.

According to the reports from the field, the percentage of voting in the rural areas is much higher than in the urban areas.

The ruling YSRCP think tank is of the view that this unprecedented voting in rural areas gives YSRCP a clear edge.

Reports from the urban areas, too, indicate that women, elderly and disabled persons flocked the polling stations in huge numbers.

“These are the biggest beneficiaries of the Jagan government and therefore, the writing on the wall is clear,” an analyst said.

However, there are also reports that the big number of voters at the polling station was an indication that they want to give vent to their frustration against the Jagan government.

“They want to get rid of the Jagan rule and hence, turned up in large numbers to vote for the TDP-Jana Sena-BJP combine,” another analyst said.

A TDP leader said the violent attacks by the YSRCP leaders at several constituencies on the TDP workers clearly showed that they are frustrated with the reports of an impending defeat.

“Since there is no scope for an exit poll for now due to restrictions from the Election Commission, the clear picture might not emerge. However, it is quite common that both the sides exude confidence of victory,” the analyst added.


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