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Fact Sheet: Difference between YSR and Jagan

Fact Sheet: Difference between YSR and Jagan

If there was one thing that even opponents admitted of the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, it was that he would always take care of his followers and have time for them.

After nearly 25 years in the Opposition wings, YSR realized his dream of becoming Chief Minister.

In the process, he learned to let go of his temper and was always seen with a beautiful smile which the people of Andhra Pradesh miss even to this day.

In short, YSR was always available to his followers, big or small.

While KVP Ramachandra Rao would usually look into their issues, they were never denied an audience with YSR if they wanted to meet him in person.

This also helped YSR and KVP be aware of the ground situation apart from giving plenty of confidence to the followers.

YS Jagan also had a huge follower base which he nourished until he became the Chief Minister. But once in power, he closeted himself in Tadepalli and was not at all accessible to his MLAs, MPs or Ministers.

Blinded by power and overconfident of his welfare schemes, Jagan felt the people would simply vote for the YSRCP only because of his name.

Unfortunately, lack of communication with his Party leaders made him distant from the actual reality and he was therefore stunned at the electoral verdict against him.

Regular communication is mandatory for a leader and Jagan unlike YSR has failed on that count.

Even if he believed that YSRCP was a one-man show, Jagan should have realized that interactions with his Party leaders would at least have given him first hand feedback of the public opinion about his rule.

Sadly, that never happened!


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