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ePaper: Amaravathi Real Estate In The Guise Of Farmers

ePaper: Amaravathi Real Estate In The Guise Of Farmers

Amaravathi issue is Chandrababu's personal agenda. He has poisoned the minds of peaceful farmers with real estate ideas. 

Apart from that, hundreds of acres of land have been granted to the people of only a particular community in the reign of Chandrababu. 

The present government has kept a checkmate to this greed. The unrest among the TDP groups has provoked the farmers by instilling fear about their future with indoctrination of their minds and pushing them to do movement. 

The farmers lose nothing with the capital shift. But some of them are not in a position to understand. 

This week's tabloid covers a detailed story about the Amaravathi episode and the real estate drama behind it.

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The issue also covers-

- Outdated directors as actors
- Nani's "V" News 
- Four decades of TDP
- Media's overaction with Sushant's suicide
- Secrets husbands maintain with their wives

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