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Desperate Chandrababu's 'Dead Body Politics'

Desperate Chandrababu's 'Dead Body Politics'

Is Chandrababu suffering from any ailment that killed his common sense? It appears so. The most experienced politician is making silly and hasty moves much to the shock of the novices in politics.

The latest one was he carrying the corpse of a supposed convict in many murder and robbery cases on his shoulders. Chandrababu never knew him earlier. 

After he was killed in a personal rivalry with someone a few days ago, Chandrababu came to know that he belongs to TDP. Immediately he called for a protest from his partymen and wanted to color it as a sponsored murder of the YCP rulers.

Chandrababu never carried anybody's corpse among his relatives. He always keeps distance from such activities. But he carried the course of Thota Chandriah, a suspected criminal. This is attracting huge trolling from majority of netizens and also pulled the wrath of TDP cadre.

Chandrababu never carried the dead body of any sincere party leader or worker so far. In that case, his humble gesture for the dead body of Thota Chandriah didn't go well with the TDP cadre.

As an icing on the cake, Chandrababu gave big lecture stating that political murders never took place in his tenure. He might have forgotten that about 13 political murders were recorded only in Macherla region when TDP was in rule.

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