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Chittoor Round Up: How Many Seats Would TDP Win?

Chittoor Round Up: How Many Seats Would TDP Win?

Chittoor holds a significant position in Andhra Pradesh politics as Kuppam, the home constituency of Chandrababu Naidu dwells in this district. 

In the 2019 elections, the TDP only secured victory in the constituency represented by Chandrababu Naidu, while the YCP dominated in the remaining 13 constituencies.

Against this backdrop, the public eagerly awaits the outcome of the 2024 elections in the joint Chittoor district.

Firstly, let's examine the status of the Kuppam constituency represented by Chandrababu. In the last election, Chandrababu Naidu won with a majority of 30,722 votes over his closest competitor K. Chandramouli.

However, Chandrababu's majority has decreased compared to the 2014 elections. This time, Chandrababu faces a challenge from Chandramouli's son, KS Bharat, who is currently an MLC. But allegations of Bharat soliciting bribes for minor favors are prevalent.

Additionally, since Chandrababu has been the CM candidate, the constituents appear to be leaning towards him.

Hence, there are mixed opinions regarding Chandrababu's potential victory. Furthermore Chandrababu got alerted after the results of local body elections and occasionally visits Kuppam and reviews the constituency's conditions every two to three months. So, chances of victory are not lost for Chandrababu here. 

Moving to Punganur, Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy represents this constituency. His opponents include Challa Babu from TDP and Ramachandra Yadav from the BCY Party. Peddireddy is facing minimal resistance from the TDP, but the BCY Party's president, Ramachandra Yadav, is proving to be a persistent challenger. Peddireddy is exerting efforts to suppress Ramachandra Yadav's influence, but the latter remains undeterred although Peddireddy ultimately emerged victorious in the election.

Now, let's assess the political landscape in Chittoor. Here, M. Vijayananda Reddy represents the YCP, while Gurjala Jaganmohan Rao stands for the TDP. The outcome in Chittoor remains unpredictable.

In Tirupati, incumbent MLA Bhumana Karunakara Reddy's son Abhinay is contesting for the YCP, while Arani Srinivas is the Jana Sena candidate. It is anticipated that the YCP will retain its stronghold in Tirupati.

In Gangadhara Nellore, voters seem determined to send a message to CM Jagan, who appears overconfident about winning in the region. YCP's prospects in Gangadhara Nellore seem uncertain in the upcoming elections.

Chandragiri constituency is witnessing a competitive race. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has won here twice consecutively, and now his son, Mohit Reddy, is contesting as an MLA candidate, facing minimal opposition.

In Tamballapalle, Peddireddy Dwarkanatha Reddy (YCP) and Dasaripalle Jayachandra Reddy (TDP) are in contention, with a tough competition expected.

Similarly, in Peeleru, Chintala Ramachandra Reddy represents the YCP, while Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy stands for the TDP. Kishore Kumar Reddy has a chance of winning this time, as he lost in the last two elections.

In Palamaneru, Venkatesh Goud (YCP) and N. Amarnath Reddy (TDP) are competing. Financial difficulties are rumored to be affecting Venkatesh Goud's campaign giving the YCP a chance if they address these issues promptly.

Puthalapattu (SC Reserved) constituency sees M. Sunil Kumar (YCP) facing off against Kalikiri Murali Mohan (TDP). Kalikiri who is a journalist is likely to face defeat.

In Srikalahasti, Biyyapu Madhusudan Reddy represents the YCP, while Sudhir Reddy, the younger brother of late former minister Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy, stands for the TDP. The competition is fierce, with both parties maintaining a high level of vigilance.

In Nagari, RK Roja, a prominent film and political figure, is contesting for the YCP against Gali Bhanuprakash of the TDP, making it a closely watched contest.

Satyavedu is witnessing a favorable environment for the YCP regardless of the twists and turns in the political landscape.

Lastly, in Madanapalle, sitting MLA Mohammad Nawaz Basha has been replaced by Nissar Ahmed for the YCP, while Shah Jahan Basha stands for the TDP. The opinion being expressed is that the YCP has very little chance of winning here unless they secure votes against Shah Jahan Basha due to the BJP alliance.

Finally the TDP has a chance of winning in Kuppam, Palamaneru, Madanapalle, Peeleru, and GD Nellore in the combined Chittoor district. 

The YCP has prospects of winning in Tirupati, Punganur, Chandragiri, Puthalapattu, and Satyavedu. 

Political analysts suggest that there will be significant contest in Chittoor, Nagari, Srikalahasti, and Tamballapalle. 

It must be noted that Chittoor is worse off compared to the other constituencies in Rayalaseema for YCP. Based on the activities done in the next one month, the tables may shift between TDP and YCP.


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