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'Baadshah' Brahmi Character Inspired By Pawan Kalyan?

'Baadshah' Brahmi Character Inspired By Pawan Kalyan?

No film lover can ever forget the scenes from the film "Baadshah" where Brahmanandam gets trapped into a virtual reality and lives in hallucination. He lives in a dream and imagines several things which make him contented.

Some netizens on social media are making trolls and memes with that character and some say that this character seems to have inspired from Pawan Kalyan in reality.

Because Pawan Kalyan imagines too many things about himself. His hallucinations have no bounds.

He once said that a few people did a recce at his residence to assassinate him. He likes not to consider the point if they could be his fans who are wishing to harm him.

He once said that some 300 goons were given a contract to put an end to him. Why on earth does he feel so? Why does he assume so much about himself?

He recently said that there are people in the crowds trying to attack him with blades. How can it be possible when he has his own private security brought down from North India?

Pawan Kalyan imagines too much about himself and makes statements that even the Prime Ministers and Presidents of world nations don't do.

He should realize the fact that he is a hero only on the silver screen, but in reality he is an unsuccessful politician who is irrelevant to pay any attention to, as he imagines.

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