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'Rakshasudu' Review: Different Attempt

'Rakshasudu' Review: Different Attempt

Movie: Rakshasudu
Rating: 3/5
Eros International, Studio Green
Cast: Suriya, Nayanthara, Premji, Praneetha, Bramhanandham and Others
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: R D Rajashekar
Editor: Praveen K L
Producer: K E Gnanavel Raja
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Release Date: May 29, 2015

The Telugu remake of Masss hits the screen as Rakshasudu today. Well, after being inundated with comedy horror stories, this is one different attempt. Let’s check out the story…

Masss or Madhusudhan and his friend are small time thieves, who end up having an accident one day. When he wakes up, Suriya realizes he can see ghosts all around him. But he decides to take advantage of this and comes up with a business strategy. Well, in the process he also meets his dad and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:
Suriya looks good as Masss. He gets to play a double role of sorts, both as the father and son. Though the father Suriya has that extra bit of make-up probably because he is a ghost, younger Suriya is definitely appealing. Venkat Prabhu seems to have gelled well with Suriya, and it shows on screen.

Nayanthara and Pranitha look graceful and get a few key, pivotal scenes in the overall picture.

Nayanatara gets to play a nurse in the movie and the girl who is part of Run Raja Run also gets to play a teeny-weeny role. Though her role is limited, Nayanatara gets to do a song at the end and she gets to wear some funky jewellery.

They have a bunch of villains, who are not very popular with Telugu audiences and Parthipan plays a cop.

Technical Excellence:
All aspects are in keeping with a regular commercial film and Venkat Prabhu decides to toss around the concept of supernatural elements.


  • Suriya


  • Some scenes in the second half

There has been an excess of horror comedies and Venkat Prabhu gives it a twist in the tale. Of course, you have ghosts walking around, tables flying and the usual scenes associated with horror comedies. Suriya strikes a deal with the ghosts and promises them to fulfill their wishes in return.

So instead of showing all the regular tantric pujas, Venkat Prabhu shows how his hero uses his ghost friends to make money to pay fees for Malini (Nayanatara). Of course, the story is treated differently, but the second half becomes a drag. But the story follows the usual hero has a family that is killed by the villains format, but it is presented differently by Venkat Prabhu.

It would have been best if the length would have been kept to two hours. It is an experimental film which some can take to, while some might not find very appealing.

The film also has an interesting link from Journey movie. Also director Venkat Prabhu adds his little touch by showing why dogs run after bikes. Since the Telugu audiences are used to seeing Suriya as a performer and not as a star, they might like the entertainment he provides with the film and the Telugu audiences might like it.

In all, it is a movie that has to be watched for Suriya and to see how he makes use of the ghosts to make money.

Well, while the wine remains the same, Venkat Prabhu changes the bottle.

Bottomline: Must watch for Suriya

(Venkat can be reached venkat@greatandhra.com or https://twitter.com/greatandhranews)

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