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'Maska' Review: Just An Entertainer

'Maska' Review: Just An Entertainer
Film: Maska
Sumanth Arts Productions
Cast: Ram, Hansika Motwani, Sheela, Sunil
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Story: Surya
Art: Rajiv Nair
Action: Ram-Lakshman
Music: Chakri
Lyricist: Kandikonda
Cinematograohy: Sekhar V Joseph
PRO: BA Raju
Producer: MS Raju
Director: B Gopal
Released On: 14th January 2009
It is true that Sankranthi releases grab attention especially in AP as audiences find more leisure to watch films with families. The film 'Maska' happened to get the publicity as the only big budget family entertainer in this season. Has it got the expected entertainment quotient? Has it reached the anticipations of film lovers? Let us go into the details.
Jagarlamudi Krishna Kanth aka Krish (Ram) is a street smart guy who lives with his elder brother (Naresh) and sister-in-law (Jhansi). He is just a plus 2 guy who roams with his friend (Sunil) aimlessly. He decides to settle in life by marrying an intelligent and earning girl abroad. Hence he glues an artificial image for him as an educated guy and earning big. He falls in the crush of Manju (Sheela) and bluffs her with an imaginary romantic story that suits her taste. He proves successful by pulling her heart towards him. But when she is about to propose him, a shock hits the screen. The imaginary girl Meenu (Hansika) in his story happens to appear beside him. How the story takes turn from then? Whom does Krish choose between the two? That becomes rest of the romantic plot.
Apart from that, 2 MPs Simhachalam (Mukhesh Rishi) and Sivaji Shinde (Pradeep Rawat) fight each other for getting the power of Minister. Sivaji tries to abduct Meenu while Simhachalam wishes to kill her. What's the link between Meenu and these two MPs? And what's the link between her death and their Minister chair? How Krish solves the problem for peace? That forms the action part.
'Desire for power' dies in front of love and blood relation. Real politician of today prefers power to life. That forms the expression of truth in this film in climax.
Ram performed with his archetype histrionics and body language. His performance is tending towards a balanced state when compared to that of his previous films. The plus point that appears in Ram is 'confidence' that's making him grow as a complete actor in small time. 
Hansika and Sheela stood as epitomes of glamour. Both of them have made the movie a visual treat without vulgarity and obscenity. While Hansika is beautiful, Sheela is voluptuous. Sheela proved a bit better than Hansika in the matter of exhibiting expressions and required histrionics.
Sunil is ok as side kick to hero. His comedy could be better especially in the first 20 minutes. But he appeared in 3-4 wonderful get ups (as cowboy, African and western nomad) very convincingly and humorously.
Naresh is adequate as brother for Ram. Jhansi excelled in her performance with Nellore slang dialogues. Interesting part is that she remains pregnant from starting to end of the film. Once again, this Nandi award winning lady comedian proved worthy than many.
Mukesh Rishi and Pradeep Rawat filled the movie with enough of action quotient.
Dialogues writers Paruchuri brothers have shown their mark in climax scene especially. They have also tried to bring some conviction in the fights between slim Ram and hefty Pradeep Rawat (Ram says to Pradeep Rawat: "Personality kaaduraa..punch mukhyam). It being a mass oriented entertainer, the dialogues of that sort obviously bring some enthusiasm among front benchers.
Story is simple and this film needs only narration to entertain. MS Raju's screenplay really made sense.
Especially, the following scenes are impressive:
Hansika's introduction
Gun-game between Hansika and Sheela (although old, it triggered interest among audiences)
Minus points:
Lengthy scenes
Boring narration of some episodes
Lack of punch in dialogues in many instances
Ram-Lakshman deserves right mention for composing 'four-car collision' shot so interestingly. Special effects and graphics part also supported the film well. The scene of Ram's falling from the terrace also is worth mentioning. But the Jackie Chan sort of stunts in the beginning during Ram's introduction sounded routine despite taking pains to do that. 
Coming to music part Chakri gave an above average product this time:
The songs-
'I'm in love…' on Hansika and Ram, 'Aa vaipunna ee vaipunnaa…' and 'Maska…' are well composed.
Director B Gopal has taken necessary care in not bringing his old style on screen. He proved successful in tuning with the trend and time.
It's a movie that's intended to entertain masses in particular, families in specific and class audiences optionally.
We may not say that the film runs with non stop rib tickling humor but on a whole it leaves a pleasant feel at the end. First half runs slow in the beginning and picked up pace after a while. Second half goes plain and it would have been better had it packed up with twists and turns.
The makers made enough of attempts to fill the film with comedy in the form of Sunil, Jhansi and Brahmanandam. The scenes are also filled with humor with the matter of triangular tryst among Ram, Hansika and Sheela.
On a whole it's an entertainer and not either good or great, but the purpose seems to have fulfilled. It may breathe well as no other film with same genre is in ring to vie with this.
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