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'Majnu' Review: Nani Makes It Watchable

'Majnu' Review: Nani Makes It Watchable

Movie: Majnu
Rating: 3/5
 Anandi Art Creations, Keva Movies
Cast: Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Sri, Vennela Kishore, Sathya Krishnan, and others.
Music: Gopi Sunder
Cinematographer: V S Gnanasekhar
Editing: Prawin Pudi
Producers: Geetha Golla
Writtend and Directed by: Virinchi Varma
Release Date: 23 September 2016

Nani is having great form with series of hits and every new film of his is now creating interest. 'Majnu' also made us eagerly wait for the movie. 

So has Nani come up with another fun and entertaining movie? Let’s find out.

Aditya, an assistant director working with Rajamouli for the movie “Baahubali” hails from Bheemavaram town in Andhra Pradesh. In Hyderabad, he likes a girl

Suma (Priya Sri) but he still doesn’t forget his old girlfriend. One day, he tells Suma how deeply he loved his Bhimavaram girl Kiran (Anu Emmanuel) and what caused breakup between them. Realizing his great heart, Suma starts loving him more. Suma asks him to come to Railway station to meet her, and there he finds her receiving her cousin who turns out to be Kiran. What happens next?

Artistes’ Performances:
Nani is one of the most dependable stars in Tollywood for any kind of story. He once again shines in this movie which doesn’t give him much scope to exhibit his acting skills. Although he also indulges in himself a bit as actor here. There is a scene in the swimming pool, where he narrates a story with Nava Rasas, which is quite boring and doesn’t serve anything except to boast his acting skills. 

Of the two heroines, Anu Emmanuel is beautiful and has meaty role. Priya Sri lacks both glamour and acting skills. Vennela Kishore in a brief role is okay. Both director Rajamouli and Raj Tharun have made guest appearance.

Technical Excellence:
The film doesn't boast any great technical values but it is eye-pleasing thanks to VS Jnanasekhar’s cinematography. Shot in very few locations, the frames are colorful. Entire first half is told with songs, some songs are used in the background. Couple of songs are pretty good. Apart from these two departments, other technical departments have done average job. Dialogues by Kiran are okay.

First Half

Dragging Second half

Nani has become synonymous with romantic dramas having worked in many such interesting love stories in the recent times. “Majnu” is also a love story with one hero and two girls.

Though this is not a regular triangle love drama, yet the story and the conflict of the movie is also quite routine. The plot line is as simple as this - he loves girl A, but differences crop up and both split, then he meets girl B who falls for him but the girl A comes back in his life and he realizes his feelings for A.

When a plot is so plain and simple, the drama requires to be thick and tight. As expected all the content dries up by the first half, there is no further matter to hold the second half. Precisely this is the issue with this movie although the pre-interval episodes are fun and entertaining.

The total first half is quite enjoyable. Post interval, when Nani falls in the conflict with these two girls, the movie goes at an uneven pace. Some episodes are entertaining, some are meh! Still, to large extent it works thanks to Nani’s effervescent charm and acting.

Nani has given his best to the role to make the movie interesting. To impress Anu Emmanuel, he joins in her college as lecturer and there after how he woos her is quite interesting. The student - lecturer love track is dealt sensibly and in a funny way. The movie has such good moments in the first half.

Post interval, the comedy track between Nani and Vennela Kishore generate some laughs but it has sidetracked the story and lengthened the film. The film needs trimming here in these portions.

What really works in the film? Obviously the film’s fun first half, couple of good songs and Nani’s performance cover up the regular proceedings in the second half. So the film works because of these elements. All in all, it is timepass romantic drama, watchable for once.

Bottom-line: 2 Lailas One Majnu! 

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