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Kudi Yedamaithe Review: Interesting Concept On Telugu OTT

Kudi Yedamaithe Review: Interesting Concept On Telugu OTT

Web Series: Kudi Yedamaithe
Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay, Ravi Prakash, Nithya Shri, Pawan Kumar, and others
Creator & Writer: Ram Vignesh
Adaptation & Direction: Pawan Kumar
Streaming on: Aha Video
Release Date: June 16, 2021

The latest web series on Aha Video is “Kudi Yedamaithe” which has Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay in the lead roles. The first season of “Kudi Yedmaithe” is currently streaming. Let’s analyze. 

On February 29, 2020, a delivery boy meets with an accident. A police jeep and his bike collude. The delivery boy named Aadi (Rahul Vijay) is returning after handing food to the customer. The police officer Durga Gowd (Amala Paul) is heading to the station and also consumed alcohol. After the accident, they have stuck in a time loop. Meaning, the day starts again and again for both Aadi and Durga. 

Aadi is an aspiring actor. He works as a delivery boy to make ends meet before he gets a break as an actor. Durga is trying to crack the case of series of child kidnappings in the city. How will they come out from this time loop? Will Durga be able to solve the case with the help of a time loop?

Amala Paul has played the role of Khairatabad circle inspector of police. It is a role that is a cakewalk for her, hardly any challenging. Rahul Vijay as a delivery boy fits the bill. The series director Pawan Kumar makes a cameo appearance as an ACP. 

“Kudi Yedamaithe” is helmed by Kannada director Pawan Kumar who earlier directed Samantha starrer “U-Turn”. Season 1 has eight episodes with a 25-minute duration each. 

None of the web series that had been released in Telugu so far left any mark. But “Kudi Yedmaithe” has an interesting concept. Written by Ram Vignesh, the concept - two persons caught in a time loop and trying to come out of it – sounds exciting on paper. Director Pawan Kumar has also narrated this edgy point engagingly to some extent.

The first two episodes are gripping. The setup intrigues us. Two persons living the same day repeatedly (like in the Hollywood flick - Groundhog Day) is a novel premise for a Telugu audience. But from the third episode, the repetitiveness of the same incidents with nothing much exciting elements bores us. Plus, no twists and turns happen until the final episode. Hence, the episodes in the middle are dull. Air-hostess Parvathy's love track hardly holds interest.

All in all, the concept is new, the execution is fairly better among the other Telugu web series. But the ending doesn't make us yearning for the second season. 

Bottom-line: A Twisty Plot


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