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Bubblegum Review: Too Painful To Chew

Bubblegum Review: Too Painful To Chew

Movie: Bubblegum
Rating: 2/5
Maheshwari Movies, People Media Factory
Cast: Roshan Kanakala, Maanasa Choudhary, Harsha Chemudu, Kiran Macha, Anannyaa Akulaa, Harshvardhan, Anu Hasan, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Bindu Chandramouli and others.
Music: Sricharan Pakala
DOP: Suresh Ragutu
Editor: Ravikanth Perepu, Balakrishna Reddy
Art Director: Vithal Kosanam
Producer: P Vimala
Written and Directed by: Ravikanth Perepu
Release Date: Dec 29, 2023

Suma Kanakala and Rajeev Kanakala's son, Roshan Kanakala, made his debut in this film, heavily promoted by his parents.

Let's now explore its merits and demerits.

Aditya, also known as Aadi (played by Roshan Kanakala), comes from a middle-class family with aspirations of becoming a successful DJ.

He seizes an opportunity to showcase his disc jockeying skills at a pub in Hyderabad, where a wealthy girl named Janvi (Maanasa Choudhary) appreciates his music and becomes attracted to him. Despite her initial reluctance to commit to a relationship, she gradually falls in love with him.

During a party, Janvi humiliates Aadi, leading to the deterioration of their relationship. How will this humiliation impact Aadi, and will Janvi come to realize her mistake?

Artistes’ Performances:
Roshan Kanakala shows some promise in his acting debut. Though it takes some time to get used to his regular looks, he has good dialogue delivery.

Manaasa Chowdhary, a Telugu girl making her film debut, is the right choice to play a rich girl. She is stunning in the first half, but her appearance and acting style change in the second half. Her acting abilities are adequate. The actor who played Roshan's father delivers some genuine laughs.

Technical Excellence:
The production and technical values of the film are satisfactory. The songs have a modern vibe. The dialogue writing is okay.

Roshan’s father character
Heroine's screen presence

Vulgar dialogues
Poor making standards

"Bubblegum" shares a similar feel with Ravikanth Perepu's earlier film, "Krishna and His Leela," which premiered on Netflix. It unfolds as a coming-of-age story featuring a 22-year-old middle-class guy who falls for a rich girl, experiences humiliation, and eventually gains insight into what truly matters. The storyline follows a fairly common arc, with a notable twist during the interval.

The film's central element revolves around the rich girl humiliating the boy in a rather severe manner, driven by a misunderstanding, a pivotal moment occurring right at the intermission. This interval scene stands out as the film's main highlight.

However, following the impactful interval sequence, the subsequent drama loses momentum, focusing on the girl's attempts to reconcile with the boy. The narrative lacks freshness beyond this point, and the heroine's actions can be confusing at times. The hero's portrayal in the second half also introduces some confusion.

The film aligns with a prevalent trend in recent youth-centric dramas, depicting the confusion and rapid dynamics of modern relationships. Unfortunately, these episodes fail to engage or captivate.

The general family atmosphere and the hero's dialogues evoke similarities to "DJ Tillu," contributing to a lack of freshness on that front as well.

While the director aims to convey a positive message for the youth by showcasing the hero's journey towards the right path, the second half tests the audience's patience with prolonged sequences.

In summary, “Bubblegum” exudes a youthful vibe and provides a platform for newcomer Roshan Kanakala. However, like its title suggests, the film lacks flavor. The reason for the title "Bubblegum" remains unclear, but the narration unfolds tediously, much like chewing gum that prolongs without much substance.

Bottom line: New Age Junk

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