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'Aadu Magadura Bujji' Review: It's Boringura Bujji

'Aadu Magadura Bujji' Review: It's Boringura Bujji

Film: Aadu Magadura Bujji
Rating: 2/5
Sudheer Babu, Asmita Sood, Ajay, Poonam Kaur, naresh etc
Music: Sree
Editing: Tammiraju
Camera: Santonio Terjio
Direction: Krishna Reddy Gangadasu
Producers: M Subba Reddy, SN Reddy
Released On: 7th Dec 2013
After ‘Sms’ and ‘Prema Katha Chitram’, Sudheer Babu comes up with this film. He expects to be a mass hero and hence came with this. Let us see how far he moves close the hearts of mass audience.

Siddhu (Sudheer), a naughty easy going guy falls in love with Indu (Asmita Sood). But Indu is the sister of Cherry (Ranadheer) who keeps on protecting his sister from others’ eyes. But on the other hand Cherry he loves Anjali (Poonam Kaur), the sister-in-law of a dangerous man Bujji aka Shankar (Ajay). How things move among these people, how Siddhu plays with Shankar forms the main story.

Sudheer Babu has grown up great body but he kept that wrapped inside his shirt. He didn’t even exploit it in action sequences. Except in a song, his chiseled muscles were not seen at all.

Asmitha Sood is the main attraction on screen. She pulled little attention with her screen presence. Her sharp looks and glamour ignite some interest. If she attempts to improve her performance, she can get bigger opportunities.

Poonam Kaur appears in an unimportant role. Naresh is routine. Krishna Bahagwan did almost a guest role with no big laughs to generate. There is nothing big to speak about others.


  • No great thing to mention


  • Total Content

Only two factors those brought identity to Sudheer Babu are (i) being the close relative of Mahesh Babu and (ii) bearing a chiseled 6 pack body. Other than that he hasn’t placed himself in the hearts of audience.

With that he needs to choose films only those fit into his image. If he attempts doing the acts of super star on big screen, things don’t work. He is yet to prove his mettle with right performance in right films.

This film ‘Aadu Magadura Bujji’ is something that shows him over board. Audience find it difficult to connect to him individually. These are the days where the stars like Mahesh Babu believe on padding than their mere star image.

Without a proper story and gripping screenplay accompanied with loads of humor, it’s hard to entertain audience. What is missing in this film is what is actually required.

First half goes insipid with no gripping moments. The scenes run one after the other but fails to pull the attention of audience. The dog factor that was used in the film is similar to the one that was used in the film ‘Godavari’. Apart from the so called humor generated by the dog, there is no lighter moment on a whole.

In spite of seeing comedians like 30 years Prithivi and Jabardasth fame comedians on screen, they couldn’t bring laughs due to weak script. Moreover, the story moves on predictable lines and the dialogues are pretty mundane aping the rhyming sequence from other films.

Music is dull and no tune pleases the ears. Second half makes the audience look into their watches.

This is the film that leaves no impression while in theatre or after coming out from theatres.
Bottomline: B Grade Stuff 

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