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Will The Craze Transform Into Ticket Sales?

Will The Craze Transform Into Ticket Sales?

Malli Pelli is one of the boldest films in recent times. The movie featuring Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh will arrive on May 26th.

It’s evident through the promos that Malli Pelli is about a middle age man and a woman finding true love, after their failed marriages.

Many opined that this story is based on the true story of Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh who are in a live-in relationship, as disclosed by the two.

However, Naresh and Pavitra neither accepted nor denied to the reports of the movie being made on their real-life story.

Director MS Raju cleverly included scenes of Naresh doing all the Hungama while he coming out of a hotel along with Pavitra Lokesh etc.

They succeeded in creating buzz and craze for the movie, ahead of its theatrical release. Will this craze transform into ticket sales?

We will know in two more days.


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