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Wild Dog Teaser: Not Okay With Kasab!

Wild Dog Teaser: Not Okay With Kasab!

Wild Dog Trailer offered edge of the seat thrilling experience and today the team comes up with teaser promo of the action thriller.

Nagarjuna as an NIA Agent makes a video to voice his opinion on why he is not okay in providing Z Category Security and VIP service to Pakistani militant Ajmal Kasab who took part in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks and was the only attacker captured alive by police in the incident.

Before that, the protagonist explains how terrorists were released in different incidents of central minister daughter’s kidnapping and Kandahar plane hijack.

He expounds Masood Azhar who was behind the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks that claimed the lives of 174 innocent people was released in Kandahar Plane Hijack

“Okadu Mana Deshamlo Vandala Mandi Amayakulni Champi Meeru Nannu Em Cheyalev Ante I’m Not Okay With That,” fires Nag.

The teaser also shows the secret operations of the NIA Agent and his aggressive behavior in eradicating criminals.

The last episode of the smile on Nag’s face when he along with his team captures the main target is priceless.

Interestingly, the teaser promo narrates different content from what we saw in the trailer.  The teaser is gripping and briefs us many unknown facts behind terrorist attacks.

Ashishor Solomon’s intense research work is witnessed in the promo and it seems Matinee Entertainment spent good budget as production looks grand.

Wild Dog is set to give goosebumps in theatres from April 2nd.

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