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Why Tollywood Celebrities Running To Mumbai?

Why Tollywood Celebrities Running To Mumbai?

Ram Gopal Varma was the first Telugu film personality to establish Mumbai as his primary workplace for an extended period.

However, he has now relocated his base to Hyderabad. Currently, a growing number of new-age Tollywood celebrities are choosing Mumbai as their preferred base.

It appears that Mumbai holds a certain charm for our celebrities, as each one seems to be constantly on the move or expresses a preference for the city. 

Regardless of its level of development, our heroes find it challenging to roam freely in Hyderabad, where privacy seems elusive. This is why many of them frequently opt to travel abroad, be it for shopping or dining options. 

Against this backdrop, Mumbai emerges as a more alluring choice.

Furthermore, the city's vibrant night party culture and the camaraderie among celebrities are noteworthy, contributing to a luxurious lifestyle that is abundant in Mumbai. Hence, the appeal of being located in Mumbai is quite evident.

Rana, in particular, appears to spend more time in Mumbai than in Hyderabad, and Director Krish has also placed Mumbai at the forefront.

The Surya-Jyothika couple has made Mumbai their home, and celebrities such as Rakul Preet Singh, Tamannaah, and Pooja are commonly associated with Mumbai.

Even Puri Jagannadh and Charmi have seemingly shifted their base to Mumbai, with Allu Sirish following suit.

While they may come and go periodically, the presence of Manchu Lakshmi is predominantly observed in Mumbai. The couple Ram Charan and his wife are also frequently spotted in Mumbai.

Additionally, the influence of Mumbai and Hindi cinema is becoming more evident in our Telugu movies.

The shift towards Pan India films and casting reflects this change, with filmmakers also venturing into Hindi cinema and introducing their grandchildren to the industry. There is a concerted effort from our directors to make a mark in Hindi movies.

Given these trends, it raises the question of whether more Tollywood personalities are now visible in Mumbai than in their home state.


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