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What's Nani Watching On Camera Display Screen?

What's Nani Watching On Camera Display Screen?

Hero Nani has announced to come up with something special for frontline workers who are putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives.

“For our Frontline Workers.. Something special 😊 Coming soon.. 🎵🩺❤️ @nameisnani #ForOurHeroes ,” tweeted Nani.

Three emojis which represent music, doctor and love can be seen in the statement.

Obviously, doctors are the frontline workers during the covid times. Then, what are the hints that Nani giving through the emojis of music and love?

Coming to the picture, Nani can be seen holding a camera and watching the display screen, while there are few people around him.

Interestingly, the women stood next to Nani can be seen with a white coat on her hand.

Of course, adhering to covid-19 restrictions, everyone including Nani can be seen wearing masks.

What’s the special Nani planning for the frontline workers? We will know very soon.

However, it’s a noble decision of Nani to present something for the frontline workers who are working restlessly during these testing times.

On the professional front, Nani who is awaiting the release of Tuck Jagadish is part of two other projects- Shyam Singha Roy and Ante Sundaraniki.

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