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Varun Tej's Memorable Performance In OV

Varun Tej's Memorable Performance In OV

Despite the mixed talk for his latest outing Operation Valentine, Varun Tej is appreciated for his memorable performance in this patriotic action adventure.

Critics, fans well as general audiences are appreciating Varun Tej for his flawless show in the movie.

The movie examined the challenges the actor faced in accurately portraying the character of an IAF officer, while also conveying the emotions and struggles in certain situations.

Regardless of these challenges, Varun Tej managed to portray the role with great finesse. While his tall and hulk figure suited aptly for the character, he made it believable with his flawless performance.

The actor took intense training which helped him during the making. To get into the shoes of a fighter pilot, he met some real-life fighter pilots and interacted with them for a significant amount of time, to pick some nuances and body language and other aspects from them.

All these helped him to play the character appropriately. Many are of the opinion that if he gets a perfect character and subject for his cutout, he will surely take it to the next level.

The actor is going to play another challenging role in his next project Matka, where he will be seen in different looks, as the story spans decades.


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