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US BO: Jailer Crosses 4M Mark, a Record

US BO: Jailer Crosses 4M Mark, a Record

While Chiranjeevi experienced a box office flop, Rajinikanth made an unparalleled comeback.

Rajinikanth had been grappling with a challenging period as his recent films consistently underperformed at the box office. However, with "Jailer," he not only bounced back but also set a remarkable record.

Released in both Tamil and Telugu versions in the United States, "Jailer" garnered an astounding $4 million in its opening weekend.

Following "Ponniyan Selvan," this stands as the only other Tamil film to achieve a $4 million gross in its debut weekend.

Rajinikanth's previous highest grossing film during the first weekend was "Kabali" ($3.9 million).

"Jailer" asserted its dominance right from the initial days. It amassed nearly a million dollars from its premiere shows, and its strong performance persisted. By the end of the first weekend, Rajinikanth had achieved his best-ever opening.

Based on the current trajectory, "Jailer" is poised to surpass "Ponniyan Selvan" as the highest-grossing Tamil film in the United States.

Wed: $947,117 Thu: $622,352 Fri: $767,497 Sat: $979,978 Sun: $690k (apprx) Total Gross: $4M (apprx)


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