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Trolling: Rashmika's Post Took Political Turn

Trolling: Rashmika's Post Took Political Turn

Rashmika's reaction to the Atal Setu in Mumbai was met with criticism by some netizens.

She praised the bridge, which can reduce a two-hour journey to just 20 minutes, as a remarkable feat of engineering.

Rashmika expressed her appreciation for this infrastructure marvel on social media.

While Rashmika typically receives widespread agreement with her posts, this time her opinion faced opposition from many. Furthermore, her statements became the target of online trolling.

One netizen directly questioned Rashmika, asking if she was trying to emulate Kangana Ranaut's outspoken political stance.

Another suggested that Rashmika experience the daily life of an ordinary Indian by taking a ride on the Mumbai local train instead of using the Atal Setu.

Another commenter quipped that Rashmika preferred to observe infrastructure from the comfort of her car.

Rashmika's remarks became the subject of widespread trolling.

Despite the significant support she received during the deepfake video controversy, her latest post encountered substantial opposition.

All this is happening because it is election time across the entire nation.


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