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Top 5: Week Of Too Many Failures

Top 5: Week Of Too Many Failures

1. MAD: The trailer of this movie succeeded in grabbing the interest of the younger audience, and as anticipated, it attracted a substantial audience on its opening day.

The film effectively entertained the youth with its clever and humorous comedy. This film has enjoyed a respectable opening for its modest scale, emerging as the preferred option among recent releases for the younger demographic.

It has performed admirably in Hyderabad and the United States, albeit experiencing a somewhat less favorable reception in other regions.

2. Rules Ranjann: Initially, there was much promise surrounding this movie, thanks to its engaging trailer and the chart-topping song "Sammohanuda."

Sadly, when the film finally hit the screens, it let down the audience with its outdated narrative and lackluster screenplay.

Helmed by director Ratinam Krishna and produced by AM Ratnam, the film failed to make a positive impression and was swiftly dismissed by the audience on its very first day. This much hyped film fell flat but received some opening. 

3. Mama Mascheendra: The movie encountered significant challenges at the box office, primarily attributed to its perplexing storyline and disconnected emotional trajectory.

Even with Sudheer Babu taking on three distinct roles as the lead character, the film attracted only a sparse audience to theaters, ultimately earning the label of a letdown.

The film was directed by the renowned actor and writer Harshavardhan. It had seen almost nil opening and subsequently waned. 

4. 800: The biographical film "800," centered around Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan, might have piqued the interest of dedicated biopic lovers.

Nevertheless, given the declining trend of biopics and its handling of the Tamil Eelam conflict, the film failed to strike a chord with the Telugu audience.

Consequently, the film garnered less attention than anticipated and came across more as a documentary than a compelling cinematic experience. In one line to say this is an honest biopic but failed to attract the audience. 

5. Month of Madhu: Although this film marked the comeback of Colors Swathi, it struggled to capture the audience's attention.

The movie witnessed meager attendance in theaters, and word-of-mouth reviews were largely negative. The film's somber tone, evident in its trailer, discouraged potential viewers from giving it a chance.

This relationship drama garnered praise from a few critics but failed to generate any significant box office revenue.


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