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The Problem In Saindhav, Nobody In World Ever Discussed

The Problem In Saindhav, Nobody In World Ever Discussed

After creating his mark with HITverse and delivering two consecutive hits, director Sailesh Kolanu created another fantasy world for Saindhav featuring Venkatesh in the titular role.

The director in his exclusive interview with reveals the reason behind naming the movie Saindhav.

“Those who obstruct someone or something are called Saindhav. In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas are interrupted one day by Saindhav. Also, in this movie, the hero tries to stop bad one day. Moreover, the character's name is also Saindhav and it sounds very powerful.”

The director says the character Venkatesh plays in the movie is very intense.

“There are several shades to Venkatesh’s character. He leads a peaceful life as a family man. He’s the most intense when a problem unfolds.”

The relationship between Venkatesh and Shraddha Srinath’s characters was revealed through the second single. Sailesh elaborates further saying,

“The relationship dynamics between these two characters is very fresh and dignified. Shraddha is his neighbor. The first 15 minutes is breezy as the world is built in the span. Once the problem starts, the pacing will be tight. 2:15 hours is the final duration. Shraddha’s role is emotionally very important to the script. The other characters also propel the story forward.”

Sailesh says Saindhav is a larger-than-life story.

“It is a universally appealing story. It has an edge-of-the-seat nature. The story that revolves around the character of the baby has an unexpected turn of events in the narrative. She’s the main heart of the movie. The problem that I discussed in Saindhav, nobody ever discussed in the entire world. I want to reveal the story in the trailer.”

The director informs us that the script work is underway for HIT 3 with Nani and he’s also working on a few other scripts.

Watch this video to know where he discussed about a movie with Chiranjeevi and other plans.


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