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Surender Reddy Interview: Am Fortunate to Get a Producer like Ram Charan

Surender Reddy Interview: Am Fortunate to Get a Producer like Ram Charan

The hype around Megastar Chiranjeevi's “Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy” has reached to the zenith.

As the countdown begins for the movie’s release, we caught up with director Surender Reddy to get all the dope about this period drama.

He shares all the vignettes about the making of this Rs 250 Cr budgeted magnum opus.

The budget is not hype at all, he asserts.

“To narrate this period drama, we felt that it needs high standards of production design and visuals. To recreate the bygone era, it needed a lot of money. The younger audiences expect Hollywood standard visuals. Thus this film has become high-budgeted. We didn’t invest money for the sake of it,” he explained.

Giving further insight, he said, “there is a huge war sequence that we shot in Georgia for 60 days. 30 days were for preparation and 30 days for the actual shoot. But more than 1000 members were always present during those 60 days. And we have used about 1000 horses. About Rs 70 Cr was spent on this episode alone.”

Historical dramas often face criticism for the distortion of facts. But Surender Reddy says they didn’t deviate from the history.

“Everything you see in the film is there in history. This is a realistic film but scenes are dramatized,” he explains.

He also said that he changed the screenplay of the story that was originally written by Parachuri Brothers.

Whose decision was it to rope in Pawan Kalyan for the voiceover in the film?

“It was Chiranjeevi sir’s idea. I proposed a couple of names for the voiceover narration in each language version but for the Telugu version, it was Chiranjeevi’s idea to use Pawan Kalyan’s voice. His voice will be heard in the film at the begging of the movie and the climax part.”

Surender Reddy thanks Megastar Chiranjeevi for trusting his capabilities and lending support all through. However, he praises more Ram Charan the producer.

“I am fortunate to have a producer like Ram Charan for this mammoth project. He stood by me and provided me everything on a platter – money, the artistes, the technical support,” he said.

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