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Shocking: 'Agent' Not Releasing On OTT?

Shocking: 'Agent' Not Releasing On OTT?

Is Akhil's movie 'Agent' not coming to OTT? Why hasn't it been made available until now?

Many people believed that the film was being re-edited, and a new version was being prepared. Fans of Akkineni are thrilled at the possibility of seeing 'Agent' on OTT.

However, it turns out that this is not true. The producer of the movie, Anil Sunkara, himself made an announcement regarding the OTT release. He clarified that there is no re-editing happening.

"Where would they get new content for OTT? We are the ones who provide the content. We don't give them the entire footage. How can they do a new edit with the existing final cut that we released in theaters?" Sunkara questioned the media while answering a question.

Anil Sunkara expressed his lack of knowledge regarding the delay of 'Agent' on OTT.

He mentioned that since he has already sold the film, he has no control over when it will be available on OTT.

Additionally, Sunkara addressed a controversial tweet he posted regarding the failure of 'Agent'. He defended his tweet, admitting that it was a mistake to start shooting without a bound script.

"I intended to post that tweet on the day of release. It wasn't accidental. I did it on purpose. If I genuinely wanted to blame Surender Reddy, I wouldn't have tweeted. If I casually mentioned it in the media, it would have automatically gone viral. So I'm not angry with Surender Reddy. We are still in contact. I can show you my phone if you'd like. I just want to say one thing: We started shooting without a bound script. We were all at fault in this matter."

Sunkara assured that he would assist all the buyers who faced losses with 'Agent' in various ways.

He mentioned that many of the buyers have already released the movie 'Samajavaragamana', and the upcoming film 'Bhairavakona' will also be released by the distributors of 'Agent'.

He expressed that he is not upset about the financial loss but rather disappointed that he couldn't deliver a hit for the hero.


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