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Sai Tej: 'I Cannot Forget My Accident'

Sai Tej: 'I Cannot Forget My Accident'

Sai Dharam Tej, the hero who faced death and emerged victorious, is set to star in the upcoming film Virupaksha.

In a recent interview with 'Great Andhra', he reflected on his accident and how it changed him.

Tej shared that he doesn't view the accident as a nightmare, but rather a valuable lesson and a notable memory. He realized the true value of speech when he struggled to utter one word from his mouth after the accident. He recalled that he used to talk excessively before the accident like a chatter box. 

As per his words, after his accident, Tej received immense support from his family, friends, and fans, which helped him overcome his fears. 

"I learned to live in the present moment and enjoy life to the fullest. When I returned to the set, I felt like I was starting anew, but with time and patience,  I regained confidence" Tej said.

Tej also discussed his upcoming film, Virupaksha, which he believes is a perfect fit for the current trend of diverse subjects in cinema. It's a love story intertwined with black magic and suspense, and he's excited to be working with uncle Pawan Kalyan and director Trivikram.

He said that he didn't believe for a while when Pawan Kalyan and Trivitram offered him a role in their film. He also expressed his wish to act with Megastar as soon as possible. He also hopes to work with all the mega heroes in the future.

At home, Tej finds joy in playing with Lego bricks and said that he has amassed an impressive collection.

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