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RGV Says Lokesh and Pawan Are Not Comedians

RGV Says Lokesh and Pawan Are Not Comedians

"Vyooham," a political drama directed by Ram Gopal Varma, is scheduled to be released in theaters this month.

The film depicts the ascent of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in the realm of Andhra politics and illustrates the machinations of his adversaries as they conspired against him.

"Vyooham" also features characters bearing a resemblance to Pawan Kalyan, a popular actor turned politician, and Lokesh, a prominent leader of the TDP.

In the trailer, Lokesh is depicted as continuously indulging in food consumption, while Pawan Kalyan is portrayed as engaging in frivolous challenges.

However, RGV refutes the claim that he portrayed them as comedians in the film.

"I have not portrayed them as comedians or buffoons. Individuals are forming their own inferences based on their subjective interpretations of the situation. I have demonstrated their behavior," RGV stated in one of the interviews.

RGV asserts that the release of "Vyooham" is a deliberate attempt to garner public attention during the election season, as it is common for filmmakers to strive for public recognition.


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