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Rajamouli Lies, Gets Exposed at TANA

Rajamouli Lies, Gets Exposed at TANA

Top director S S Rajamouli’s double standards have been exposed. Rajamouli was seen participating in TANA 2019 in Washington DC and he was spotted overseeing some cultural events there.

Photographs of Rajamouli being present with his brother M M Keeravani and actively participating in TANA Convention are now widely being circulated.

Although he refused to come on to the stage when TANA organizers requested, he was very much present at the same venue, which is quite contrary what he has tried to tell the world through a tweet.

On July 4th, Rajamouli tweeted, “Friends, I have come to Washington on a personal work. Not for TANA convention. I might not even attend peddanna's musical show. I do not want people to expect me at the convention and get disappointed. Hence the clarification.”

He clearly mentioned that people should not expect him at the convention. The photographs tell different picture.

Those who know Rajamouli well say that he doesn’t want to be treated as a guy who works for his community, he wants the image of liberal and modern guy.

This is the reason why he had posted this message on Twitter though he was very much present at the convention.

If he really went to Washington DC only to wish his brother Keeravani on his birthday, he should have completely avoided going to convention and should have stayed at a hotel.

He also was consultant for TDP government’s Amaravathi project but again he tried hard to be not to seen as a person who works for his community associations and its political outfit.

His duplicity has now been exposed by these photographs and his tweet. 


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