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Raj Tarun, Malvi, and Lavanya: Three versions, One truth

Raj Tarun, Malvi, and Lavanya: Three versions, One truth

This is a triangle story, though not the typical love triangle we often see on screen. In real life, this is a distinct type of triangle story involving Raj Tarun, Lavanya, and Malvi Malhotra.

Raj Tarun and Lavanya both admit they were in love, but Lavanya now claims Raj Tarun left her for his new girlfriend, Malvi Malhotra. However, Malvi denies having any off-screen relationship with Raj Tarun.

Each of the three individuals has presented a different version of events.

First, Lavanya filed a case against Raj Tarun, alleging that he cheated on her after promising to marry her. She also claimed that Raj Tarun's current girlfriend, Malvi Malhotra, threatened her.

Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra have now given their respective versions. Raj Tarun claimed that Lavanya is a drug addict who cheated him, not the other way around.

He mentioned that he had a long history with Lavanya and claimed to have enough evidence to prove that they are no longer in a relationship.

Malvi Malhotra stated that neither she nor her family members threatened Lavanya. She also clarified that she is not having an affair with Raj Tarun.

The police are investigating the case, and the real truth will be revealed once the investigation is completed.


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