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Publicity For Marriage- Privacy For Divorce

Publicity For Marriage- Privacy For Divorce

Politicians and film celebrities crave publicity. The more their names are on people's lips, the more exhilarated they become.

However, amidst their desire for attention, they suddenly invoke the concept of privacy. Celebrities, who seek publicity for every aspect of their lives, sometimes pretend to desire privacy as well. But how does this paradox come about?

A common mantra often heard is, "Your privacy is your choice, but if it becomes public, we will comment on it." Stars themselves must determine what to share with the public and what to keep hidden. Let's consider weddings as an example. Celebrities crave complete publicity for their weddings. Every step, from confessing their love to tying the knot, is imbued with melodrama, reminiscent of a daily soap opera. Numerous photographs are taken.

As the wedding day approaches, the publicity campaign reaches its peak. The event becomes a marketing spectacle—destination weddings, designer attire, extravagant gifts, and opulent wedding cards—all treated as promotional material. Even the honeymoon is exploited by the stars to further their own image.

Yet, what happens when the marriage crumbles after a few years of this grandeur? If marriage is given such intense hype, divorce automatically attracts attention. But stars do not desire this. Despite selling their marriages to streaming platforms, they cannot bear to see the topic of divorce even mentioned in a small tabloid. How can they avoid coverage of divorce news?

There are those who question the media's fervor in such matters. They wonder why the media relentlessly follows stars with microphones, capturing every move by intruding into their privacy. These individuals fail to recognize the involvement of the stars themselves. They are the ones who beckon the media to come with cameras. They are the ones who subtly leak details about their relationships. They are the ones who indirectly tweet about their upcoming weddings at specific venues. The PR teams of these stars are part of this game.

They feed information to the media through leaks and later serve them a full feast when it comes to divorce. So, how can the media be blamed? While the media may display enthusiasm in a few cases, in 95 percent of situations, it is the stars who manipulate the media to their advantage.

No one is obligated to share personal matters with the world. If a marriage is performed in silence, the divorce should also happen in silence. Stars seem to overlook this simple logic. They tweet about desiring privacy when it comes to divorce, but how can that be possible?


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