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Public Talk: 'Pushpa-2' Teaser Compared to 'Kantara'

Public Talk: 'Pushpa-2' Teaser Compared to 'Kantara'

Yesterday, on the occasion of Allu Arjun's birthday, the teaser for "Pushpa 2: The Rule" was released, sparking varied feedback online.

While many appreciated it, some expressed disappointment, saying it didn't have the expected impact. Let's delve into different social media posts:

"The teaser lacks originality, resembling the style of 'Kantara.' The divine element and apparent action scenes in this backdrop are reminiscent of 'Kantara.'"

"Pushpa Part 1 heavily borrowed from the Netflix series 'Narcos.' Now, we need to see which series or movies inspired Part 2 to present a unique film on the Telugu screen."

"Pushpa is most known for the line 'taggede le.' Viewers expected something unique along those lines for Part 2, but there's nothing of the sort. There's not a single dialogue from Allu Arjun."

"The teaser is enchanting, thanks to DSP's background score. I'm eagerly awaiting this treat. I hope the songs in Part 2 will be even more powerful than those in Part 1."

"If it's true that Part 2 of this franchise had a budget of Rs 500 crore, then the first teaser doesn't meet those expectations. It's nowhere close to what you'd expect from a Rs 500 crore film."

"Except for the way the female characters are dressed in sarees, there's nothing impactful about Allu Arjun. We've already seen the same still image long ago, and now it's just in action. That's all."

"Allu Arjun should be commended for his bold act. Which other star hero could wear a saree and perform like him? Allu Arjun is not just a star but also an actor."

Overall, there are several negative opinions alongside positive ones, as seen above. This implies that the makers have to come up with something very imppactful by all means to hook the audience's interest.


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