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Pawan's Comeback Movie Not Fetching Big Money?

Pawan's Comeback Movie Not Fetching Big Money?

Pawan Kalyan is one of the popular movie stars in South India and his movies also fetch huge money from satellite, digital and Hindi-dubbing rights.

This was the reason why producer Dil Raju offered Pawan Kalyan more than Rs 50 crore as remuneration for a role that hardly requires him to dole out 15 days of call sheets. But as things stand today, producer Dil Raju’s plans have gone kaput.

The new film which is tentatively titled “Lawyer Saab” is the official remake of Bollywood movie “Pink” and it was also successfully remade in Tamil. Apparently, the Hindi dubbing rights are not getting much money.

The Hindi buyers are not evincing much interest to bag this movie despite Dil Raju telling them that many changes were made to the original movie and Pawan Kalyan’s role has been redesigned to suit the tastes of his fans and mass audiences. But things are not rosy on this front.

The buyers are said to be quoting Rs 5 Crore, which is too low. Even a medium-range hero movie gets better price than this. 

May be Dil Raju needs to use power and brand name to get better price. Or he will be losing heavily. 



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