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Overseas Market Of Upcoming Telugu Films

Overseas Market Of Upcoming Telugu Films

The overseas market for Telugu films is consistently growing year by year, and the latest upcoming films are showing promising figures though a few are facing tough negotiations. 

For instance, Nani-Mrunal Thakur's film "Hai Nanna" has been quoting Rs 8 Cr for the overseas rights, while interested parties are willing to pay up to Rs 6.5 Cr. 

On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan's film "OG" is being quoted at Rs 18 Cr, but as of now, there have been no buyers willing to negotiate for it.

Similarly, the film "Bro" is expected to fetch anywhere between Rs 9 Cr to Rs 11 Cr, but due to the lack of buyers, the filmmakers have decided to release it on their own in the overseas market.

Ram-Boyapati's film "Skanda" is being quoted at Rs 5 Cr, and potential buyers are considering it to be a feasible option. 

In contrast, the Tamil film "Kanguva" starring Suriya has entered the overseas market with a quote of a staggering Rs 45 Cr for all languages which is yet to be closed.

This high price is justified by makers with the significant demand for Tamil films in countries like Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, as well as the USA and Gulf regions.

The recently released movies "Samajavaragamana" and "Baby" achieved impressive box office results in the USA, with "Samajavaragamana" crossing the 1 million dollar mark and "Baby" also performing well, earning 500k dollars. These successes have significantly bolstered buyer confidence.

A substantial portion of the student population in the USA contributed to this market upswing by showing great interest in films.


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