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Out-Of-Form Senior Heroes With Unexpected Blockbusters

Out-Of-Form Senior Heroes With Unexpected Blockbusters

Senior heroes who had faced a prolonged drought in their careers experienced a come back with blockbusters during the years 2022-23.

Kamal Haasan, now 68 years old, achieved his last hit in 2008 with "Dasavataram." Subsequently, his filmography didn't boast any resounding successes. However, in 2022, with "Vikram," he defied expectations by amassing nearly 500 crore rupees, a remarkable feat given the film's budget of 120 crore rupees.

Vikram, aged 57, had previously tasted victory with "I" in 2015, but his subsequent films struggled to capture widespread audience attention. His eight-year hiatus ended with "PS-1" and "PS-2" in 2022-2023, effectively connecting with both his loyal fan base and the newer generation.

Chiranjeevi, also 68, encountered a lull after "Khaidi 150" in 2017. Emerging from an eight-year gap, his triumphant return came in the form of "Waltair Veerayya," a 2023 Sankranti release that marked a spectacular comeback.

At 63, Balakrishna, too, rekindled his star power. "Akhanda," a 2021 release, set the stage for his subsequent blockbuster, "Veera Simha Reddy," which dominated the 2023 Sankranti season. "Legend," dating back to 2014, had been his previous noteworthy hit.

Shah Rukh Khan, 57, faced a dry spell since his 2015 triumph with "Dilwale." Yet, his fortunes shifted with "Brahmastra" in 2022, followed by a solo success in "Pathaan." This marked his comeback after a 7-8 year hiatus.

Sunny Deol, now 66, had almost faded from contemporary memory, although he was remembered for iconic films like "Border" (1997) and "Gadar: Ek Prem Katha" (2001). Breaking his 23-year silence, "Gadar-2" stormed the national box office, reaffirming his status as a significant figure in Indian cinema.

Rajnikanth, the oldest contender at 73, clinched the season's biggest hit with "Jailer." After his last major success in 2016's "Kabali," he worked consistently, starring in over six films within the subsequent seven years.

This narrative underscores the importance of persistence and continual engagement. Success is not confined by age; it can arrive unexpectedly, serving as a reminder that retirement from one's craft isn't necessary, and opportunities and recognition can emerge at any stage of life.


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