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Non-theatrical Deals Recovered Ravanasura's Budget

Non-theatrical Deals Recovered Ravanasura's Budget

Ravi Teja was the production partner with Abhishek Nama for Ravanasura which was directed by Sudheer Varma with Srikanth Vissa providing the story.

Abhishek Nama in his exclusive interview with reveals they planned to make another movie with Ravi Teja.

“Srikanth narrated another story and Sudheer Babu was supposed to direct the movie. However, Ravi Teja okayed another story. He initially wanted to make the movie under his own banner. However, he came up with the proposal of making the movie in our collaboration. I should be very thankful to him.”

The producer also informs there is another movie in the combination of him, Ravi Teja, Sudheer Varma and Srikanth Vissa.

“If things go well, we will work again for another movie.”

Abhishek Nama reveals the entire budget of the movie was recovered through non-theatrical business alone.

“Yes, we are safe now with the non-theatrical deals. I’m confident enough about the movie and Ravi Teja’s potentiality, thus releasing the movie on my own in all areas.”

The producer also informed his plans of making Devil 2, though Devil with Kalyan Ram is in last phase of production.

Watch the video for a full interview where he spoke about his other projects, his association with producers in the industry, rumors on his relationship with heroines etc.


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