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Netizens Trolling Naresh And Pavitra

Netizens Trolling Naresh And Pavitra

"Malli Pelli" was released last week amidst immense hype and excitement. However, the film's commercial performance has not been particularly encouraging. Nevertheless, the couple continues to promote the film in their own way.

Recently, when asked about their plans to start a family, Naresh confidently stated that both of them are medically capable of having children.

This is indeed a bold statement, as many celebrities generally prefer to keep their personal matters private. However, Naresh and Pavitra appear to be bold and different in this regard.

Naresh mentioned that even though he could have children, they have chosen to cherish the five children they already have from their previous marriages.

He reasoned that he would be 80 years old when his children turned 20 if they were born now, and he prefers not to enter into that scenario.

Furthermore, he expressed the belief that it is emotional bonds rather than blood relations that truly bring people together.

He shared the example of his mother, Vijaya Nirmala, who had such a relationship with Krishna. Naresh also confessed that he was deeply saddened by Krishna's passing.

Unfortunately, netizens have been trolling them heavily in response to all of this.

Perhaps it is time for Naresh and Pavitra to refrain from sharing their family matters, considering the commercial failure of the film. As they continue to attract attention, trolls persist in targeting them.

It would be advisable for the trolls to shift their focus elsewhere and leave this Pavitra-Lokesh topic behind.


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