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Naresh In Trouble With Statements On Sai Dharam Tej

Naresh In Trouble With Statements On Sai Dharam Tej

Actor Naresh landed in trouble after his statements on Sai Dharam Tej this morning.

He released a video to the media stating that Sai Dharam and his son Naveen are good friends and both of them started together on bikes.

He also implied that he wanted to stop them but they left by then. Adding to that he recalled the plight of Kota Srinivas Rao's son, Babu Mohan's son and Komatireddy Venkata Reddy's son who succumbed to road accidents.

This has attracted criticism for two reasons.

One is that Naresh's words suggested that both the guys started out for racing.

The other reason is for his reference to the sons of celebrities who were killed in road accidents.

"Why should he bring the examples of dead people when Sai Dharam is still under treatment. What is that he wants to tell and what is that he is wishing for?", blasted a netizen on social media this afternoon.

The other netizen mentioned- "Naresh confirmed that both went out on race. Otherwise why would he think to stop them?".

After this, the media channels started some programs and discussions about the alleged racing of Sai Dharam and Naveen.

To this Naresh released another video to give clarification.

In the latest video he clarified, "I prayed for Sai Dharam Tej's health. I am happy for his speedy recovery. He will come to normalcy soon. Both Naveen and Sai Dharam went together to the opening of a tea stall. While returning, both got separated and took their respective routes back to their destinations. Sai Dharam is alone while driving and that is seen in the video as well. He was at normal speed of 60-70 kmph as stated. He was not driving rashly. This accident took place not because of rash driving but due to the municipal mud on the road".

The social media is taking every statement with suspicion as Naresh is in the opposite panel of Chiranjeevi's group in MAA Elections.

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