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Madhavi's sensational comments on Akkineni family

Madhavi's sensational comments on Akkineni family

Former Telugu actress and currently BJP Party Member Madhavi Latha came out with a video recently in support of Samantha.

While no one knows the actual reason for the divorce of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, internet warriors are having a field day levelling allegations against Samantha and blaming her for the split.

Against this backdrop Madhavi Latha has come out with a video in which she referred to Samantha as a sweet girl with a beautiful heart.

“Samantha runs a Foundation through which she has done a lot of social service. She works tirelessly to keep the Foundation going. Have any Tollywood heroes done this?” questioned Madhavi Latha and then exploded a bob.

“Samantha’s in-laws turned her into a money minting machine. She wanted to become a mother by the age of 30 but they killed that desire in her. They keep all her earnings and give her pocket money in thousands. Heartbroken with this treatment, Samantha took the decision to separate and thereby retain her dignity,” said Madhavi Latha.

It is not necessary for celebrities to respond to each and every allegation levelled against them. But when the accusation comes from colleagues or people from the same industry, a failure to respond would be taken in the wrong way. To date, Nag hasn’t responded to Madhavi Latha.

Ironically, Samantha herself had referred to Nagarjuna recently as a ‘great guy’. How then can Madhavi Latha justify her comments? Is it just a pathetic attempt to stay in the limelight? She definitely owes the Akkineni family, an apology.


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