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Lip-Lock Too An Emotion In Malli Pelli: Naresh

Lip-Lock Too An Emotion In Malli Pelli: Naresh

Naresh revives Vijaya Krishna Movies with the upcoming unique family entertainer Malli Pelli. MS Raju has written and directed the movie releasing on May 26th.

Naresh and MS Raju in an exclusive interview with shared interesting facts about the movie and controversies surrounding the subject.

Naresh affirms he wanted a different subject to revive Vijaya Krishna Movies banner.

“I was looking for a rebellious subject to revive the banner. Raju garu and I have been traveling for 3 years. He initially narrated to me another subject and when he told me this subject, I felt wow. The movie got a good buzz with a superb response to the songs, teaser, and trailer.”

Both Naresh and MS Raju don’t want to disclose whether the subject is in any way connected to his personal life or not, before the release of the movie.

“We took a hot and burning topic. Marriages are made for convenience; marriages are made out of fatal attraction. Ultimately, companionship is important, that is what is missing today. Some are with a fear of family and society is leading a discontented life. While few others are bold enough to have a live-in relationship or remarriage. It’s a broad concept. We discuss all these things in the movie.”

MS Raju clarifies they are not cheating the audience with the promotions or promotional content.

“We don’t like to cheat anybody. We call it an honest entertainer. It’s a rare screenplay. We planned publicity in a non-linear way. It’s a respectable film done in an aesthetic way. There are no cheap gimmicks. It’s an interesting multi-layer film.”

The actor says everything in the movie is an emotion.

“The lip-lock too is an emotion. I like to call it a peck. There was a lip-lock in Chandamama Kathalu also.”

Naresh reveals they have taken the blessings of Krishna garu, before starting the project.

“I used to share everything with Krishna garu. He asked me for the concept. Raju garu narrated the subject. Krishna garu told only two things. It’s a new concept, but be careful. We made the movie with fear.”

Watch the video for full interview:

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