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I Want To Follow Akshay Kumar's Formula: Sharwanand

I Want To Follow Akshay Kumar's Formula: Sharwanand

Hero Sharwanand is quite elated with the unanimous positive talk his film Jaanu that released today received from critics and audience alike.

Sharwa was initially hesitant to do the film, because there will be huge risk involved in remaking classics. However, Dil Raju who had great conviction in the subject convinced him.

“I initially was hesitant to do the film. But, Dil Raju had the belief of the film could do wonders in Telugu as well. In fact, his judgement turned true for Shatamanam Bhavati as well.”

Sharwa says he didn’t do any hard work for the film. “Director Premkumar used to narrate me the backstory for every scene, so that I could understand the depth.”

According to him, playing Ram was the toughest work for him so far. “The role has fewer dialogues, but has more expressions. I used to be in the same mood while working for the film.”

Sharwanand who learnt lessons spending huge time on Padi Padi Leche Manasu and Ranarangam which ended as disasters has decided to do more films in a calendar year.

“I want to follow Akshay Kumar’s formula. I want to do as many films as possible in a year.”

Sharwa also revealed plotline of his next film Sreekaram. “Why can’t a farmer’s son become a farmer is the plotline of the film. It’s a genuine film.”

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