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Has Thaman Become Unprofessional?

Has Thaman Become Unprofessional?

Balancing the career after seeing phenomenal success is important in the film industry for longevity. Apparently, music director Thaman has started giving trouble to the filmmakers.

There is a reason why top filmmakers have stopped working with ‘Rock Star’ Devi Sri Prasad. 

After gaining big projects, Thaman is said to have become hard to work with.

Never coming to the studios or music sessions on time, postponing everything, giving importance to only select directors, and other factors have earned him a bad name.

Now, several filmmakers are complaining about his working style.

Shockingly, director Surender Reddy, who gave encouraged Thaman at the beginning of his career with films like “Kick”, has shown him the door. Thaman is out from Surender Reddy’s action thriller “Agent”. 

A couple of other middle-range directors who recently worked with Thaman have decided not to collaborate with him again. Thaman should change his attitude and turn professional. 

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